Sunday, October 04, 2009

Craigslist Junkie

I admit it. I need help. I am a craigslist addict. I was in Round Rock week before last to babysit Charley while Brandon went to the dentist. Since I knew I would be in the area, I had researched craigslist for Austin. Oh my. It was the greatest!! There are SO many more listings than in Waco. I had been looking for one of these climbers and found one in the little community of Liberty Hill, just outside of Georgetown, which was on my way back home. Took a little detour and picked it up, cleaned it up when I got it home, and turned Jonathan loose on it the next Friday when he came to visit.
I think he likes it.
Knock, knock....who's there?
Jonathan and the dog are still curious about each other.
But Jonathan is more curious about the rocks in our driveway. He loves them!!
He is a typical little boy, digging in the gravel and getting dirty......