Saturday, July 25, 2009


We stopped at LBJ's Ranch. They have a working farm that we really enjoyed. Greg and I had memories of things from our grandparent's farms.

It was really strange. I stepped into this barn with the dirt floor and immediately the smells took me back to my Papa's "car shed" where he parked his car. It was a combination of damp earth, oil, chickens just around the corner. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply, letting my mind take me back to another time.
LBJ's home where he grew up.
Lyndon Baines Johnson
LBJ's ranch house. Three rooms of this house have been restored just like they looked in 1968. It was like stepping back in time. Ladybird's request after she died was that the house would be open to the public and restored back to it's original state.
LBJ's amphi-car. He liked to take visitors driving in it and drive right into the lake on the ranch, acting like his brakes had gone out, knowing that it would float just like a boat!!
It was hard to know if the water was the lake or a river, they all ran together. Most of the lakes in the area are very low on water.
Someone was creative with this cactus. Note the P, D, and heart shape carved into it.
Two motorcycles coming around a curve. The rocks were really cool along the highway here.