Saturday, May 03, 2008

Komen Race for the Cure

This morning was the Race for the Cure. Kit (a young coworker who is the age of Brandon) and I decided this past week that we would walk. The morning dawned very cool and very windy. But lots of fun nonetheless.
This was a group doing aerobics to get everyone warmed up before the race.
A flamboyant participant......
The same participant and a couple of her friends.....
Two non-flamboyant participants......our pink scarves were provided courtesy of Ford Motor.

There were a LOT of people.
We were waiting for things to clear out a bit before we started the walk. No use running over these poor people on our way to the front of the pack.....teehee.....

Our 3 miles is almost done. Crossing this bridge meant we only had a little way to go. It was great fun and for a great cause!!

Please support your Komen Race for the Cure wherever you may live.