Sunday, May 27, 2007


It rained so much that we almost talked ourselves out of our trip. But we took a chance during a lull in the downpours and headed to the Hill Country. We both arrived unscathed, me in the car and Greg on the bike. I did have to turn around once from a low water crossing that was blocked off. We got to the house at about 5 PM. Susan and Daniel were busy with customers until closing time. Had a nice dinner at a German beer garden and got up early on Saturday to help out. I think Greg and I both have a new appreciation for farmers and just what goes in to growing produce, as well as running your own fruit market. The place was hopping all the time!! Not only do they sell their own peaches and veggies, they bake bread, cinnamon rolls, sell jellies/salsas/relishes, old style cheese, eggs, and homemade peach ice cream. Susan was finishing the hot bath on some really scrumptious jalapeno pickles. We did get to town for the crawfish festival shortly after lunchtime and between downpours. There were polka type bands and lots of good cajun food/beer. We had a good time.